Best Discord Bot- 2020 Best Edition for you

Friends, our today’s article is Best Discord Bot-2020 Best Edition. Discord is very popular among gamers for group text messaging services. It highly user-friendly and easy to use and setup. If you already use Discord, then you know how easy and flexible it is in term of functionality and customisations. Furthermore, Discord also supports bots which can improve the response rate of your Discord server and will help you to manage better. So if you’re looking for some best Discord bots and best discord music bot then keep reading because we will be talking about some best discord both which you can use today to increase the functionality of your Discord server.

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Best Discord Bot- 2020 best Edition

List of Best Discord Music Bot

1. Discoid

It’s a very popular bot on Discord servers and one of the best discord bot. It offers plenty of useful features which you use to enhance the flexibility of your servers. It also helps you to add layers of new features. You can use Discoid to mute users, get notifications, receive notifications about your server or users at any moment. It is also packed with some fresh jokes and meme commands. It also supports streaming music from different online sources including Youtube and Soundcloud which makes it the best discord bot. Discoid allows you to play and manage media content on your Disord server with the basic functionality of play/pause and rewind controls. It also has a queue function so that you can queue up your favorite songs and they will play automatically one after another. Visit Discoid bot best discord bot discoid

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2. OverwatchBot

Overwatch is a top-rated game among gamers these days and an amazing discord bot. So if you’re one of them, then you will definitely like this one because of its the best discord bots you can use for enhancing Overwatch gameplay. It’s a very efficient and supercharged with many features. After adding OverwatchBot to your server, you will be able to view your Overwatch statistics without leaving the server. You can also check the competitive status using this bot. Also, its functionality further extends to seeing your top 5 heroes and generating images or thumbnails of your game stats. You can also use it to compare different battles which you play directly inside your Discord server. Visit OverWatchBot best discord bot OverWatchBot

3. Dyno

It’s also a decent Discord bot which is packing some great features to use. It offers a fully customisable dashboard with the support of custom announcements. With Dyno, you can quickly announce new updates and announcements to a server in one click. The server management features of Dyno is excellent as you can setup ban times and mute times according to your likings. Furthermore, Dyno is connected with Cleverbot which helps it to detect spam and keep the server spam free. Also, you can use Dyno to stream Youtube music when you want. Its one of the best discord bots to choose from if you’re looking for an all in one functionality in your Discord bot. Visit DynoBot best discord bot DynoBot

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4. Discord Dungeons

Discord Dungeons is also an excellent discord bot for your Discord server where members play a game called Discord Dungeons. It’s a great game which involves advanced user tactics. You can fight enemies, unlock achievements and much more. This game will let you mine, craft and exploring new adventures. Furthermore, it supports inventories also with guild support. So if you’re looking for best Discord bots where you can put a game inside of it? Then this is an excellent choice. Visit Discord Dungeons best discord bot Discord dungeons

5. AwesomeBot

As the name suggests it’s excellent and the best discord bots you can choose for your server. It comes with a full moderation and statistics system with plenty of robust commands and is fully configurable and extensible. It supports sharing of images, Gifs and youtube videos inside the server. Furthermore, this bot supports javascript, so you can further extend its features and functionality with custom javascript. It will help you to host live polls and trivia games on your Discord server. It also has an excellent profile managing system and offers fantastic stats. Visit AwesomeBot best discord bot AwesomeBot

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Some Best Discord Music Bot

  1. Asada Shino:best discord bot Asada Shino music discord bot It is an amazing Discord music Bot. You must try it once. Visit Asada Shino Bot
  2. FlareBot:best discord bot FlareBot discord music bot It is the second best discord music bot on our list. Visit FlareBot
  3. FredBoat:best discord bot FredBoat discord music bot To visit this one of the best discord music bot, Visit FredBoat
  4. RythmBot:best discord bot RythmBot discord music bot This is also an amazing discord music bot. You can try this also. Visit RythmBot
  5. AmyBot: best discord bot AmyBot Discord music botLast but not the least, AmyBot is our 5th best discord music bot. Visit AmyBot

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Final Words

So, guys, these were some Best Discord Bots and best Discord Music bot which you can try today to enhance your Discord servers. Let us know which of them do you think is the best. With this our today’s article “Best Discord Bot- 2020 Best Edition for you” come to an end. I hope you liked this article. If you have any query about the article then feel free to ask in the comment section. At last, Thank You for visiting this website, keep visiting here.

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