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Friends, This article brings you the Best Games Like Terraria. Terraria has been an extremely popular game among the masses. The games have been performing fantastically regarding numbers and proved to be profitable to its developers. The game was available for iOS, Android, Windows phone, PC, PS3, PS Vita and Xbox 360. Terraria was more about action-adventure and involved battling out monsters and bosses. The game has an interesting construction and crafting involved in it. The monsters in the randomly generated world make this game more of people’s interest. The game has a very good way to kill your time.Games like Terraria

Games like Terraria

After the success of Terraria game, many games similar to Terraria made it to the market. While some of the games failed terribly in the market, others were able to generate enough hype for itself. Some games like Terraria made it big in the market and grabbed the attention of the gamers around the globe. So, we thought of introducing you to the games likeTerraria which can help you to replace Terraria with something bigger and better.

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1. Blockland:

BlocklandBlockland is one of the games like Terraria. This game allows you to build characters and world from Lego blocks. The game tries its best to keep you involved by providing you with adventurous mini-games. You try to build bigger and better objects while the game has also incorporated the concept of Physics Engine in the process of designing. The Physics Engine can be used to destroy your creation.

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2. Manic Digger:

Manic DiggerThis game has a potential to be a good alternative to Terraria. The game is an excellent building game. The game boasts of a community behind it and can be played in multiple fun mods or on servers. The gameplay will enhance after allowing you to play either in the building based or survival mode. You can enjoy the game at no apparent cost. It isn’t for a single player only and can be played in the multiplayer mode too. Well, if you think the visuals aren’t much appealing to you, then the option of customizable skins and textures can come to your rescue.

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3. Don’t Starve:

Don't StarveThis game is no less than a blessing for the people seeking adventure in a game. And is it is one of the best Games Like Terraria. This game isn’t limited to adventure only, but the developers have managed to present this game with a flavour of horror elements. The game begins with a fake 3D world which generates randomly. The game is more about the survival of the fittest as the players are left on their own to survive in a ruthless and very spine-chilling world. The players begin with nothing, but as they go ahead in the game, they need to acquire different resources which will eventually help them to craft tools. The tools will help the players in their survival by helping them to battle out the enemies and avoid hunger.

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4. Eden – World Builder:

Eden - World BuilderThis game is a must try for the people with a creative bent of mind. The game allows you to build a world out of unlimited available blocks. The game has no Survival mode available as of now. This game can help you to explore the new dimensions of your creativity. Also, the app allows you to show off your creativity to the other players and that’s what makes it different from the rest of the games present on this list.

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