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Here we present the Best GBA Games. It was the fateful year of 1989 which witnessed the history of the Game Boy line of hardware debut in the markets around the globe. Though now we can enjoy ample of games on our smartphones, laptops or PCs but back then, it was only Gameboy which allowed us to enjoy games on the go.

Those little machines gave so much power to our hands. Unfortunately, the Game Boy Advance (GBA) which proved to be last of this lineage marked the end of this device in the market.Best GBA Games

The Play Store or the AppStore may provide you with infinite games to enjoy but there will still remain some games which can be only enjoyed on the GBA. It is GBA which makes the experience with these games so unique and pleasing.

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Best GBA Games of 2019

Here is a list of games that can be played best on the GBA:

1. The Minish Cap:

The Minish CapThis game is one of those games which couldn’t garner much appreciation for itself despite being so good. The game wasn’t even well received by the critics resulting in the game is underrated. It provides its players with a unique experience and is a perfect example of striking a balance between the old and the new. The games are one of the best portable adventures.

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2. Advance Wars:

Advance WarsThis game was surely on the best in the “Strategy” category of games for GBA. The game was a perfect war game which involved building armies, capturing cities and battling out your enemies. The game also came with a sequel later which came to be known as Black Hole. Both the games were highly liked games by GBA users.

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3. Super Mario Bros. 3:

Super Mario Bros. 3How can we forget the game that helped to kill our time with its amazing and interesting gameplay? It is this Super Mario Bros. 3 game which was present on the favorite games list of every GBA user. The game became tremendously popular among the GBA users. The hype for the game is still not ready to die and the game is being recreated for the Android and other possible platforms.

4. Golden Sun:

Golden SunGolden is also one of the best GBA Games and Top GBA Games. It is another game involving strategy. The game had a simple plot involving puzzles easy to solve. The magical elements amused its players and proved to be a good time killer.

5. Sonic Advance 3:

Sonic Advance 3It was one of best and the last game from Sonic games. And it is one of the best GBA Games. The game gave its players to choose among the five playable characters. Each character had different abilities and two characters were supposed to be chosen at the beginning of each stage.

Final Verdict

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Technology may be evolving at a great speed but we should never forget that the older technology paved the way for the technology we are enjoying at the moment. The older technology not only consists of old machinery but also some old unforgettable memories.

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