Best Games like HuniePop of 2018 | Best Edition

Virtual dating Games like HuniePop has been trending these days among youngsters. Hunie Pop made it to the market back in 2015 and consisted of adult puzzles to be solved. The game based on tile matching and dating sim became immensely popular among the teenagers and the adults. Maybe by now, people already had enough of the game and have been trying to replace it with some other game of similar kind. Terms like “Games like HuniePop”, “Games similar to HuniePop” and “HuniePop Android” are being constantly searched on the Internet by the people every now and then.Games like HuniePop

Best Games like HuniePop

Getting impressed by the people’s obsession with the game, we decided to put an end to all those queries on the Internet thus bringing you a list of games similar to HuniePop:

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1. Sengoku Rance:

Sengoku RanceThe list “Games like HuniePop” will never complete without mentioning this very game which shares a ton of similarities with the Hunie Pop game. Apart from being a virtual dating game like HuniePop, the game is about a merciless and impolite warrior named Rance. The game is for adults as the story of the game revolves around sex. Sengoku Rance has not been filled excessively with adult material and has some comic moments too. The game is not only worth mentioning but surely worth trying.

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2. Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker:

Kitty Powers’ MatchmakerThe game made it to the market before Hunie Pop, but it failed to garner a hype for itself. As the name of the game indicates, the game is more about match making. Windows, Android, iOS as well as OS X supports the game pretty well. The character Kitty Powers’ is a professional who helps people in finding the suitable match for them. The players need to play some mini games to help Kitty in guiding the people. If a date between two people turns out to be successful, the player gets rewarded for it.

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3. Mystic Messenger:

Mystic MessengerAlthough this game makes it to the third spot in the list yet the game is similar to HuniePop. The game is full of mystery, intrigue, and curiosity. The game revolves around a female protagonist who ends up living with six different guys in an apartment after downloading an application. Rika, the owner of a charity organization also owns the app downloaded by the protagonist. The plot of the game is more about how the female protagonist romances one of the six guys to delve deeper into the mystery behind Rika and her organization. The game runs pretty well on iOS and Android.

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4. Roommates:

RoommatesThe game rightly deserves a place in this list of “Games like HuniePop”. It comes with a feature which allows you to choose any of the two characters, Max (a singer, a guitarist and a rebel kind of guy) or Anne (a shy and studious girl). The game begins with the first day of the protagonist at her college. As the name indicates, there are different characters in the game who share the same house and the day-to-day things in the lives of these roommates form the plot of the game.

5. Kamidori Alchemy Meister:

Kamidori Alchemy MeisterKamidori plays the protagonist who is training hard to become an Alchemist. The game is more about him, his growth and the journey he goes through to be an Alchemist. Later, he meets three different girls and the rest of the plot gets unveiled depending on the different choices that Kamidori makes in his life. The game boasts of good visuals and has managed to display fantasies at an altogether different level.

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