Best Games like Pokemon Go of 2018 | Best Edition

The success of the Pokemon Go game was hidden from no one and it turned out to be a huge sensation. Pokémon Go went on to earn huge profits and thus inspired many other game developers in the industry to come up with something even bigger and better. Ironically, we already had few Games like Pokemon Go which failed to earn recognition while few games similar to Pokémon Go were recently launched in the market to make it big. Now we actually had enough of Pokemon Go, therefore, here is the list of few games like Pokemon Go which can help its fans to overcome their obsession with the like pokemon go

Games like Pokemon Go

1. Aliens on the Table:

Aliens on the TableThe game makes it to every list which discusses games like Pokemon Go. This game is similar to Pokemon Go in terms of augmented reality. The game deals with aliens trying to contact a home for an invasion. The mode of gameplay is over the head shooting. The players need to make sure that they destroy the portals that the aliens are trying to build for the purpose of communication. It’s different in its own sense but yet a game similar to Pokemon Go, though slightly. Download Aliens on the Table

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2. Genesis Augmented Reality:

Genesis Augmented RealityThis game has the potential to be a tough competitor to Pokémon Go in the market. Being a battle game which is trending nowadays, it can attract a lot of attention from gamers around the globe. It is a skilled based game where one gets to play different characters provided with unique powers and attacking skills. One has the option to play this game solo or with friends and can compete with some of the strongest players around the world.  If you are a fan of games like Pokemon Go, then you must give this game a shot. Download Genesis Augmented Reality

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3. Dragon Mania Legends:

Dragon Mania LegendsThe people consider this game similar to Pokemon Go. It is about visiting the sacred land of dragons, staying there as a villager and helping the dragons to save their land from the enemies. The visuals are no less than a treat while the game is like Pokemon Go in terms of the gameplay. The village consists of different dragons like fire, rock, and air. The hybrid between two different types of dragons gives rise to even stronger characters. Eggs are supposed to be hatched to give birth to new dragons. Download Dragon Mania Legends

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4. Ingress:

IngressThe game is about how some unknown forces are trying to overtake a virtual world full of mystery, conspiracy, and conflict. The battle against the unknown forces to save the virtual world is actually the plot of the game. The game comes with a custom map. It is a multiplayer game where players can play from any place of the world. Make sure you and your partners come up with a master plan to attack your enemies. There is an option to see the growth of other players to keep the fire of rivalry burning in you. This game isn’t only worth mentioning but surely worth trying. Download Ingress

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Final Words

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