Google Play Services Battery Drain Fix in Few Steps

Google Play Services plays a vital role in Android OS. However, it seems to have this standard issue of google play services battery drain. It has been found that Google Play services eat a ridiculous amount of battery out of your smartphone. This is because of the lack of optimisation is android smartphones. However, you can fix the google play services battery drain issue if you read this article entirely as we are going to guide you to fix this problem, so you don’t have to worry about the unnecessary power consumption.Fix Google Play Services Battery Drain

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Google Play Services Battery Drain

What are google play services

It is a part, or you can say a subset of the Android operating system which manages countless running things. Android device manager, updates, app downloads, etc. are few of them. Without Google play services you won’t be able to install new apps and games, and neither will be able to update them. So it is an essential part of your smartphone. However its extremely important to fix it because it causes a lot of battery drain.

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Google Play Services battery drain: how to spot it

As we discussed above, it offers a lot of services like downloading and updating of apps, sending and receiving your gmails, maps and location services, etc.

If you are facing a drastic change in battery consumption, then google play services might be the reason behind it. You can further confirm it by following steps:

  1. Open setting and go to battery panel.Google Play Services 1
  2. Choose battery usage.Google Play Services 2
  3. You will be shown a battery draining graph along with some apps representing the percentage of battery they are eating up. If google play services are at the top, then you can confirm that the reason is google play services battery drain.Google Play Services 3

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Google play services battery drain – how to fix

There are numerous reasons why this service is suddenly starting to eat up more battery. We are going to address some issues here.

1. Lots of accounts

Using multiple accounts is sure fun, but it will cost you your battery life as more accounts mean more sync which means it is going to consume battery power at a much faster rate. We recommend you to keep only one account per device.Google Play Services lots of accounts

2. Third-party app misusing Google Play Services

Some third-party apps cause more brain drain as they use google play services when their app is launched or in an idle state. You can uninstall them if you want to save up in the battery department.

3. Google account sync error

So you recently changed your Gmail password but haven’t updated the password on your device Gmail/google apps right? This will cause google play services in a boot loop of starting sync process after failed attempt because of your old password. This will increase the battery consumption along with minor stability issues as you will see error messages in almost all apps.Google Play Services sync error

4. Turn off your GPS

GPS is sure great for location-based apps. But try to disable it when not in need. It causes high battery power drainage. The same is with enabling mobile data.Google Play Services turn off gps

5. Using a task killer app

Google Play Services task killer appsSeveral task killer apps are designed to kill the process of google play store services. But in reality, it just starts up again with more power consumption. This cycle goes on and on. We don’t recommend you to use any task killer apps as they slow down your phone.

Here are some of free Task Killer Apps

Task Killer Apps

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