How to Clear Cache on galaxy S5 in few steps

There are times when your Samsung galaxy s5  goes to deep freeze or starts acting strangely. This problem can be fixed by clearing the system cache on your device as it is an essential troubleshooting part which comes in the standard recovery toolbox. Galaxy s5 clear cache process is pretty simple and straight-forward, but it is still complicated for some of the smartphone users. If you’re asking yourself how to clear cache on galaxy s5, then don’t worry because this article is written just for helping you. Let’s get started.Clear Cache on galaxy S5

How to Clear Cache on galaxy S5 in few steps

What is cached data on galaxy s5 and why should I delete it?

Cached data is a copy of your existing android data associated with your firmware files or your favorite applications. Sometimes due to updating your firmware or apps, these cache files conflict with new records and results in device freeze. Therefore, if you have flashed a new ROM, or updated your apps, then you have to galaxy s5 clear cache to use your device without any bugs. Also, clearing cache also fixes many unnoticeable bugs out of your system. So we recommend you to clear the cache of your Samsung galaxy s5 to prevent it from slowing down.

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What does clearing the cache do?

You probably would be wondering what magic does clearing cache do? Well, it removes all the unnecessary files from the system. After clearing cache on your Samsung galaxy s5, you will notice a significant change in app opening and closing speed. Your device will feel snappier than ever. Lets cut out the introduction part and let us learn how to clear cache on galaxy s5 from basic.

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How to Clear Cache on galaxy S5 in few steps

Remember if you need to clear cache galaxy s5 then you have to go into recovery mode. This task could be a little tricky, but if you follow the below instruction carefully, you will be able to boot into recovery mode without any hassle.

  1. Completely turn off your Samsung galaxy s5.Clear Cache on galaxy S5 turn off
  2. Now press and keep holding the Power button, Volume Up and Home button combination keys simultaneously.Clear Cache on galaxy S5 vol-up+home+power
  3. A new android system recovery screen will pop up.
  4. Use the combination of volume keys to highlight Wipe Cache partition and confirm your selection with the power button.Clear Cache on galaxy S5 wipe cache partition
  5. Wait for the recovery to delete the stored cache on your Samsung galaxy s5.Clear Cache on galaxy S5 waiting
  6. After successful completion, it will show that system partition has been wiped.
  7. Then highlight the reboot system now option and then press the power button to confirm your selection.Clear Cache on galaxy S5 reboot system now
  8. Now all the system cache is deleted from your device, the first reboot after removing the system cache can take a long time around 10 minutes. So be patient and don’t freak out.

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So, guys, this was a detailed tutorial on how to clear cache on galaxy s5. I hope it was not very complicated as I tried to explain everything in a sile way. However, if you had any difficulty then let me know in the comment section below, and I will be happy to help you.

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