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On the off chance that you have to utilize an alternate IMEI number to that of your telephone in light of the fact that any sort of use expects you to have another one, you ought to download IMEI Changer. This application is equipped for producing a legitimate number surprisingly fast.

Xposed IMEI Changer or how to change your IMEI number

Indeed to make this application work effectively, you’re going to need to have an established gadget (with superuser authorizations, as you definitely know) with Xposed structure introduced on it. From that point on, you’ll have the option to change your IMEI, which is fundamentally the code that distinguishes your gadget everywhere throughout the world.

The primary screen shows your unique number, the gadget’s present number, and the likelihood to create another one. By just creating it and squeezing the Apply button, your gadget will receive that new number. The beneficial thing about this application is that it doesn’t produce arbitrary numbers however is equipped for finding absolutely legitimate and usable IMEI numbers.

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IMEI number or International Mobile Equipment Identity is an extraordinary sequential or ID or the sequential number of a portable and cell phones. It is a 15 digits remarkable number of a versatile. You can see it on your telephone, beneath your battery or in your telephone’ s pressing box too.

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