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Spotify Premium Apk is one of the most popular music, podcast, and video streaming service in the world. It was launched in the year 2008. The app is developed by the startup is based in Stockholm, Sweden. In the App, Music can be browsed through based on which genre, artist, playlist, you would like to listen. We would cover mainly two topics in this article that people are asking for.

As we all know that this app is well-known for its services in the music world. Because of its amazing services and collections of music, it has made its impact on this world.

Spotify Premium Apk Download 2020

I believe that this app has taken the music industry to a completely new level. It’s not that easy as it seems, It has to face a lot of competition from its rivals like Pandora, Sound Cloud, Apple Music, and many others.

According to the source, In 2020 the app network presently has over more than 10 million active users (free accounts), whether more than 2 million active premium account subscribers. This huge number of users itself boasts about the dominance of this app in the music industry.

Spotify Premium APK Features

1. Follow your friends on Spotify:

This feature is a bit different but adds a social flavor to the app. If your friend has got a good taste of music and you want to know what he is listening to. There is no way better than this. You can simply follow them on Spotify and you would get to know easily what the songs that they are listening to are? I have seen there are people who have a very good taste of music. This will really help you to expand your listening lists and you can also enjoy the same music with your friends.

2. Spotify Codes to share music:

Spotify Premium Apk No Root has tons of things to play with. Spotify Codes is a new and cool way to share music with your friends. If you love the song the friend is listening and you also want to listen to the song, you can simply scan the code on your friend’s phone and download it. In many cases artists also paste their code, you can also import those codes posted by the artist and listen what they want you to listen.

3. Build a collaborative playlist:

If you want to tune unto the playlist which is the perfect combination of the songs you like and your friends like. If you want to put together a setlist for a friend’s wedding or farewell party. You can start with a collaborative playlist, believe me when it comes to celebrating the moment, everyone going to love it. Because everyone has their own contribution, their own songs that expresses their feelings.

4. Let the Radio sync with your Spotify:

If you are stuck for what to listen to and confused about the songs? Radio can really help you out. Go to desktop, you can then click on the left-hand pane, choose a new Station and pick the artist, album or playlist that you love the most and want to listen. Then Radio will give you the songs completely similar to the choices you made. If you are using it on mobile, in that case also, click on the three dots top right when on an artist, album or song and then turn on Radio.

5. Filters as you want:

If you want to listen to an artist but don’t want to listen to songs, he sang in the late ’80s, you can put a filter for this. You can very easily filter out the old boring songs from the same artist that you no longer want to hear. It can be done very easily, type the name in the year and the year next to it, there should be any spaces and you’ll listen to the songs of that artist only from that year. Eg “James Brown year: 1970-77”.

6. Sort out your search:

There are a lot of words that you can use and make your search really specific. You can use symbols like -, +, And, Not. At the start, you might face some problems as you won’t be accustomed using it, that’s why i recommend you to do hit and trial and soon you’ll see the difference that you easily you can find a very specific track.

7. Spotify’s Weekly Discover Playlist:

This is based on the Spotify algorithm, what Spotify Premium Apk does, it tracks your listening habits and on the base of that, it will create a playlist for you every Monday, you would love to see it on the top of your playlist tab. It updates every Monday, and you’ll probably find the songs that you really like.

8. Let the songs blow out your speakers:

You can really make a party type of atmosphere with your Spotify Premium Apk No Root. If you have the Google Chromecast streaming dongle, you can connect the Spotify through the speakers attached to your TV and play out loud. You have a search on your Spotify 2020 app for devices available and there select the Chromecast get playing the songs out loud.

9. Listens in your Uber:

This is a pretty awesome feature, here you can enjoy the music while driving in Uber. You can simply connect your Spotify account with the Uber app and you can then simply take control of car’s stereo if your driver gives you the permission of doing it. Then it’s unto you whether they love your music choices or not.

10. Control it with your voice:

This is the last and coolest feature of the apps. The Amazon Echo artificial intelligence-powered speaker works perfectly with the Spotify Premium Apk 2020. Just connect your Spotify account to Alexa app, and then start giving commands like “Play me some Bowie!” and the Echo will do as it’s told. It’s time to dance.

Spotify mod Apk Download

Spotify Premium Apk

If you are reading this article. I am pretty sure, you already this use this app but here you are looking for the advanced version of the app where you can use the app to the fullest. Don’t worry. We’ll discuss everything, you need to know about the app. So, before we jump into it. Firstly let’s discuss the basic questions that most of the new users ask that what is the difference between these three versions of the app.

Still, you have any confusion about the beta version and want to know more. You can join the thread here.  This could be the best option if you want to enjoy the music to the in premium version you can play any songs almost from anywhere.

That too on any platform whether it’s a mobile, tablet or your computer. If you don’t want to use data all the time, you can simply download your favorite songs and enjoy the songs. In Spotify Premium Apk, the sound quality of music is awesome, you would certainly fall in love with crystal clear sound quality.

You would also be not bombarded by ads. You can cancel any time premium subscription. So, everything happens at your disposal.

This is actually the most favorite version of the game because it fulfills all your requirements at no cost. You are going to get most of the features that you might not even enjoy in the premium version of the app. Below are the features that you would get in the Spotify mod version.

  • Unlimited skips
  • Unlocked repeating
  • Unlocked shuffling
  • Unlocked seeking
  • Unlocked track selection (Works)
  • Bypass ads
  • Bypass DRM


Your device should be rooted in order to activate the Spotify mod apk 2020 version. If you are having any previous version, you have to uninstall it first. Then Download and install the beta version. The link is already given. Download and let us know in the comments below. How was your experience enjoying the mod version?

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