How To View Printed Documents History In Windows

Today, we are going to learn about How To View Printed Documents History In Windows. On windows, you can easily print all kind of documents including pictures and textual data by using the print command (ctrl+P). Furthermore, you can also set the paper size, managing margins, setting up the page size and choosing between colorful or black & white print, all can be handled via a print dialogue box. This dialogue box helps users to get desirable print output which also helps to prevent cases of double printing. Windows keep a history of all the documents which were printed before and can be accessed to avoid double printing issues. So today in this article, we are going to guide you through the process of how to view printed documents history.View Printed Documents History

So are you ready to learn to view print history on your Windows PC? If yes then keep reading until the end of this article.

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How To View Printed Documents History In Windows

Now we are going mention the method to view printed document history. The method is quite simple and quite straightforward. To view print history on the windows, you just have to follow some simple steps:


  1. Go to start menu or windows menu and search for the control panel.View Printed Documents History 1.1
  2. A long list of settings wizard will appear in control panel window, choose Administrative Tools from there.View Printed Documents History 1.2
  3. Now Find Event Viewer from the list and double-click to open event viewer window.View Printed Documents History 1.3
  4. From the left panel, choose Microsoft and then select Windows.View Printed Documents History 1.4
  5. Choose Print service.
  6. A new window will pop up, where you can manage all configurations related to document printing.
  7. Enable history log in print options. You can do it by right-clicking on operational followed by enabling log.View Printed Documents History 1.5
  8. This will record all the printed document history and will keep it safe in case you need it.
  9. You can also view history through Print Service window.

Note: This works only if you send unique documents as print history. For eg., if you wish to print a pdf or text document that has three pages. And you send the command for two copies of each document. Then the View Print History window will only show three printed documents.

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How To Delete Printer History

So now you know how to view printed document history, but what if you want to delete the printer history? Don’t worry; we got you covered. In windows, the process of deleting printer history is quite easy. Follow the steps, and you will be able to delete the printer history.

Note: This is an educational guide. We are not liable for any loss of printed document history.


  1. Go to “start” and search for “Control Panel” and open it.View Printed Documents History 2.1
  2. If in case the control panel opens with all control panel items then click Control panel.View Printed Documents History 2.2
  3. Go to “Hardware and Sound” option in control panel.View Printed Documents History 2.3
  4. Select “Device and Printers” from the submenu.View Printed Documents History 2.3
  5. A window will appear with your printer icon and name.View Printed Documents History 2.4
  6. Go over printer icon to highlight it and then select “See What’s Printing.”View Printed Documents History 2.5
  7. A new window will appear which will display a list of all the document it printed before.
  8. Select any unwanted history and right click on it.
  9. choose “delete” from the options.
  10. You can choose “cancel all documents” To delete all printer history in one go.View Printed Documents History 2.6

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We hope you have understood the whole process of viewing and deleting printer history. If this guide is too complicated for you then no worries, there are several third-party printer monitoring tools which will do the job for you in seconds. However, doing it yourself feels much better as you will be sure whether they are deleted or not. Hope it was easy enough to understand. And Share this article with your friends!

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