Wifi Password Recovery Without Root | Easy Steps

Hey guys our today’s article is about Wifi Password Recovery No Root Latest Guide of 2019. “A lot of websites posts about wifi password recovery tools. But the harsh reality is, that it’s not possible at all without rooting your device. We are still not sure that why we cannot see saved wifi passwords on android while we can in windows based PC.

If you don’t have root privileges on your smartphone, then you’re missing out on such features. Therefore we bring you this article, wifi password recovery without root.Wifi Password Recovery No Root

Wifi Password Recovery No Root Latest Guide 2019

But people don’t realize this is not possible at all but still keep on searching for show wifi password android, wifi password recovery no root or wifi password recovery without root and so on… This is however achievable if your handset supports wifi sharing via QR code, but this is only possible with smartphones which come with custom firmware support, e.g., Xiaomi, Lenovo, etc.

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Guide For Wifi Password Recovery No Root method

Note :

  • This method works only with selected smartphones. In this case, we are using Xiaomi Mi pad running MIUI 7.
  • This method will not work if your running on the stock Android firmware.
  • This method only works when you’ve connected the wifi network.
  • You need a QR code reader for that. Don’t worry there are plenty of them in play store.


  1. Open settings and go to WiFi tab.
  2. Enable wifi.
  3. Connect to your wifi network.
  4. After successful connection, click on the wifi name.
  5. A popup window will appear with a QR code.QR code for WiFi password recovery
  6. Take a screenshot of this QR code.
  7. Download a QR code reader app from PlayStore.
  8. Recover password via scanning the QR code
  9. You got the password, viola!Recover password via scanning the QR code

We have also tried this method on the Lenovo smartphone, and it works. The steps are pretty much the same.

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How To Recover Wifi Password on Android With Root

Well, the about method might work for you if you’re lucky to have custom built firmware from Xiaomi or Lenovo but for other users with stock android, You have to root if you want to see saved passwords.


  • Root comes with its own pro and cons.
  • Rooting your android smartphone voids its warranty
  • Root can also result in a malfunctioning device


  1. Root your device
  2. After successful root, check the root privileges via a root checker app. Please note that There are a lot of Root checking apps available on play store, any one of them would work just fine.
  3. Install Es File Explorer from play store (it’s a free app).
  4. Open Es File Explorer and swipe right from left most option to open navigation panel.
  5. Swipe down and Enable Root explorer.Enable Root explorer
  6. If it will ask for root permissions, then tap on Allow/Grant.
  7. Select “Local storage” or “Local” and then select “Device.”
    Please note that Developer of Es File Explorer keeps changing the design layout of the app, time to time. So don’t worry if you get confused, you just have to find the local storage option, in case you’re using newer or older versions of the application.
  8. Now go to the system folder.
  9. In system folder, find “etc” folder and open it.
  10. Find the “wifi” folder and locate “wpa_supplicant.conf ” file in it.
  11. Hold the file until a popup appears.
  12. Choose Es Note editor. Es Note editor
  13. You will see the saved password as “psk” under wifi name “ssid.”

password as "psk" under wifi name "ssid


Above given guide is the simple guide to wifi password recovery no root or wifi password recovery without root. If you find it difficult to follow, then don’t worry. There are easy options available out there. Just download any wifi password recovery app and give it root privilege permission and it will show up all the wifi password.

So, guys, we came to the end of this article. We hope you learned something new. keep visiting this blog as we continue posting such tips and tricks every now and them. Till then, have a good day. Bye Bye!

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