Xsplit Vs OBS: Which is the Best Choice for you?

If you want to stream on twitch, then you need a good streaming software to alter your broadcast appearance that will make your broadcast experience better. Personally, I use Xsplit, but recently I came to know that there’s one more option available in the market known as OBS. I also saw a lot of people prefer to use OBS, So I decided to do a comparison between them to look which one is better and the right option. Here is the Xsplit vs OBS battle which will help you to make a choice among them.Xsplit Vs OBS

Xsplit Vs OBS: Which is the Best Choice?

What Makes Xsplit and OBS Different From Each Other?

There are a lot of differences in pricing, performance, library, plugins and lots more which needs to be briefly discussed. Here is a detailed comparison between both the broadcast streaming software:

1. Xsplit vs OBS: Pricing

Xsplit vs OBS: PricingIn terms of pricing, the OBS is completely free to use and provides amazing features in the free version. On the other hand, Xsplit is also free, but not completely. It provides you some basic features for free and all the premium features are available for 2.50$ per month. OBS provides an excellent interface and broadcasting experience as compared to the Xsplit. Another interesting feature is the overlay screen that comes along with the Xsplit, but it’s not available in OBS.

Winner: OBS

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2. Xsplit vs OBS: Plugins and Customization

Xsplit vs OBS: Plugins and CustomizationOBS features a separate library of plugins, whereas the Xsplit doesn’t have any separate section for plugins. Moreover, the OBS provides better controls and customization options as compared to the Xsplit options. OBS is a basic software which can be used by even a casual user, but Xsplit requires some technical skills. So, if you are a tech-savvy, then you can use Xsplit conveniently and if you are not, then you have a simple and effective option known as OBS.

Winner: OBS

3. Xsplit vs OBS: Integration Abilities

Xsplit vs OBS: Integration AbilitiesIn terms of integration, both the streaming software have incredible ability and integrity. If both are providing the same value, then why I have added this to this battle? In this context, Xsplit is better than the Open broadcaster because Xsplit provides you a feature to connect multiple apps for a specific connection that’s not possible on OBS. But it doesn’t conclude that the OBS is a slacker. OBS also provides a bunch of functions which will help you to connect apps.

Winner: Xsplit

4. Xsplit vs OBS: Ease of Use

Xsplit vs OBS: Ease of UseThe initial setup of OBS might be a tricky process for some people, but the Xsplit features a simple and straightforward setup. Aside from that, Xsplit features a huge library of on-screen options that will help you to create videos without spending too much time. Moreover, the Xsplit features an on-screen chat system which allows you to chat with other people, whereas the OBS provides this feature, but it’s not better than the Xsplit chat system. You can also start and stop a stream with just a single click in Xsplit.

Winner: Xsplit

5. Xsplit vs OBS: Which One is Better?

It’s still difficult to tell which one is the right option for you because everyone has different requirements. If you ask me then I will prefer OBS because it’s free and provides decent features which are required for streaming videos. But, it doesn’t mean that the Xsplit is a crappy software. You can also go for it if you have some technical skills. If you are still confused, then the best part to know the right option is to try them. Just try both the software and see which works better for you.

Final Verdict

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